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A young girl named Yuanyuan once lived in a happy family with loving parents. But when her mother found out that she is pregnant, her unborn brother brought upon a tense atmosphere into the family. At the same time, Yuanyuan found out about her father’s “affair” and in order to protect her home, Yuanyuan launches her “master plan”

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A six-year-old girl named Yuanyuan stumbled upon her father and her teacher embracing each other in a hug which she made her think that her father was having an affair with her teacher. In order to protect her family and her parent’s marriage. Yuanyuan devises a plan which involved creating a series of “problems” for her parents. Oblivious, her parents mistook her abnormal behavior as a cry for their attention. 


The target audience for this film is the young parents in China that
born in the 80s/90s. They are a very special generation as they were
born as the only child in their family. As a kid, they had all the attention
and care from their family members with no other siblings to compete
with. That is due to the One-Child Policy that China had up until 2015
where the country fully adopted the Two-Child Policy which allowed
many young parents to plan for a second child. But with the change in
policy, it bought a whole new set of problems for the young parents as
they worry about the change that their existing child would face. Mainly
due to the fact that they are not the only kid in the family anymore and
they would have to learn to share the love and affection of their parents.
I came from a single-parent household, my parents divorced when I was
six years old. My childhood memories comprise of seeing my parents
argue frequently and even getting physical with each other in front of
me. As a kid, I was very fragile and have to witness everything that my
parents went through had matured me mentally more than the average
children of the same age. I would often observe the state of their
marriage and I would even eavesdrop on their conversation but that is
because I was afraid to lose them. When they got divorced, they asked
me to pick whom I would want to live with but no one ever asked me if I
wanted them to separate. I believe that as a young kid, we would not
want to share the love and affection of our parents with anyone else
including our siblings and it is that affection that would bring a sense of
security for the children.

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