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All about “depression”.



This is a documentary centered around patients dealing with depression, tracking down, and documenting the lives of the different individuals with this condition. Peeling back the little known lives of this group of people, bringing attention to these folks living in China



The director statement for this documentary states that at the time of shooting which was in 2018, “ whether you look at it from the patients’ perspectives or from the current film and television programs on the air. The topic of “depression” is not talked about as often as it should. This has led to a lack of information being readily available in the media for many people who are suffering from this same illness. At the same time, it is worth exploring the topic of depression in today’s society in order to help foster an understanding and acceptance of people with this condition. I hope that by providing an in-depth and comprehensive look in this documentary that is filled with hope, I can provide aid to the people who suffer from depression as well as helping others to understand this illness by showcasing a real look into how it is living in a world with depression.”

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