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Work Expreiences


Shanghai DINGLING Network 

Technology Co. Ltd.

Director Reporter

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The first project I participated in after joining

the company was a documentary film called “The lift-behind children” which was in collaboration with the Red Cross Society of North Hubei Province, China. My role in this project was both the director and the

reporter, going into the most remote and poorest village in China where the only permanent residents are the elderly and young children. The parents of these children have to work in the large cities in order to earn enough money to support their family back in the village therefore they have to be away all year round. When I point the camera at these innocent kids, the strength and kindness that exuded from their eyes touched me. No matter how troubled society is today as an old saying back in China goes, “Even in the crevices of the sandstones where the sun is most lacking, beautiful flowers will still bloom”. My wish is to use the camera lens as a medium to show everyone the bright, vibrant colours of these “flowers”.

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